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Types of Electric Vehicles currently available

Nissan e-NV200 40 kWh Van

Price Range $47,990 - $52,990 

The Nissan e-Nv200 40 kWh van  is the perfect choice if you are a small business owner.  Smart sustainability is key to your success. You are your own boss and the more sustainable your business, the bigger difference you'll make. Get a step ahead with the Nissan e-NV200, a cost-effective and very capable electric van. With it's new 40kWh battery capacity, you'll get all of your deliveries done quickly and easily  and you'll build your sustainable reputation while spending less too. 


Electric  Campervans - Nissan E-nv200 40 kwh or LDV e-deliver 3

Price Range  $65,950 - $75,550

This little beauty is a dream realised - at last the opportunity to travel around NZ in an electric campervan. While not fully self contained,  the opportunities are endless. Charging at powered site in camping grounds allows you not only to power your van but to charge up over night at no extra cost making the fuel savings for this van pretty compelling. Add the zero emmissions travel and what more could you ask for. 


The camper makes the most of the Nissan and LDV's smaller size and Vanlabs innovation. Fitted with a surprising amount of kit and storage it's perfect for weekend getaways as well as a replacement for your everyday vehicle. It fits into most standard sized garages and you'll hardly notice that you're also driving a campervan.

The campervan boasts comfortable seating and dining area thanks to Vanlabs innovative design.

Fitted with a pop-top, tow bar and up-rated navigation/radio, a birch unit, 120aH battery, plumbing kit, toilet, Dometic TCX-21 fridge, integrated wiring loom, red high density squabs and a 800w 230 volt inverter. A fold out solar panel, and 230V hookup for when parked at the campsites. The hook up charges the leisure battery and runs 2 x 13A sockets inside to run any appliances you'd need!

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