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If you want to buy off someone you can trust who knows and drives EV's we are the right service for you. We can provide guidance for you to ensure you make the right decision for your situation. We have access to an extensive network of dealers both in NZ and overseas - UK / Japan ensuring you get the best deal possible for your electric car purchase. 

Through our  'source and supply' service let us know what you are looking for in an EV. We will source a car to your spec's, check it out for you - providing battery health - leaf spy reports, negotiate the best deal we can for you, pick up or arrange transport and deliver to your door if you want. Ask us about our set fee for locally sourced or imported cars. 

Types of Electric Vehicles available

Nissan e-NV200 40 kWh Van

Price Range $45,990 - $49,990 

The Nissan e-Nv200 40 kWh van  is the perfect choice if you are a small business owner.  Smart sustainability is key to your success. You are your own boss and the more sustainable your business, the bigger difference you'll make. Get a step ahead with the Nissan e-NV200, a cost-effective and very capable electric van. With it's new 40kWh battery capacity, you'll get all of your deliveries done quickly and easily  and you'll build your sustainable reputation while spending less too. 


Or perhaps something a bit special an electric Campervan? 

Nissan e-nv200 40 kWh Campervan


Price Range  $75,950 - $85,550

This little beauty is a dream realised - at last the opportunity to travel around NZ in an electric campervan. While not fully self contained,  the opportunities are endless. Charging at powered site in camping grounds allows you not only to power your van but to charge up over night at no extra cost making the fuel savings for this van pretty compelling. Add the zero emmissions travel and what more could you ask for. 


The e Dalbury makes the most of the Nissan's smaller size and Hillside Leisure's expertise and innovation. Fitted with a surprising amount of kit and storage it's perfect for weekend getaways as well as a replacement for your everyday vehicle. It drives just as well as a standard cars, seats four people while driving, fits into most standard sized garages and you'll hardly notice that you're also driving a campervan.

The Dalbury is a two berth campervan that incorporates a traditional side conversion in the smaller vehicle, perfectly utilising every inch of space to make the most of it. The combination of cleverly designed storage, an elevating roof and rear seat bed all work together to make the small looking vehicle feel much larger on the inside.  The driver's side kitchen makes great use of the space with clever designs and expert craftsmanship. It boasts a low energy 39 litre fridge with a freezer compartment, a two ring hob, sink and plenty of storage. The two ring hob is hidden out of sight by a storage compartment which slides smoothly out of the way when needed. Even the sliding tambour doors on the storage cupboards are designed to take up as little space as possible while still making access easy.


The campervan boasts a comfortable seating and dining area thanks to the front swivel seat, rear RIB seat and the easy to use table. The elevating roof helps to make the campervan feel more spacious by providing standing space when raised. Meanwhile the rear seat forms the comfortable bed, sliding forward and then folding in two easy movements to become completely flat.

Whats new

Latest car reviews and news

Renault ZOE ZE40

Price Range $36,850 - $44,900

The Renault ZOE ZE40 with its 41kWh battery is a game changer for the EV world.  Offering a realistic real world driving range of 300kms! Plus having the ability to AC charge on 3 phase power from 0-100% in just 2 hours its practicality is uncapped. We have 2018's in stock.

For the latest brochure on the Zoe click here

Hyundai IONIQ  2017 - 2019

Price Range from $44,850 - $50,900 

The IONIQ Electric offers anxiety free true zero-emission electric driving with virtually no compromise. The large-capacity battery offers a range up to 280 kms ,and can be recharged to 80% in as little as 30 minutes. The sleek, attractive coupé-style silhouette of the IONIQ is designed with aesthetics and efficiency in mind. Combining the best of traditional car design, with a forward-looking philosophy that hints at the future possibilities of low-emission cars, every element ensures a smooth and undisturbed flow of air over the car. The result is an aerodynamic profile with maximum efficiency

and class-leading 0.24 coefficient of drag.

For the latest brochure on the IONIQ click here 

NEW Nissan Leaf 2018 - 2019 40kWh

Prices range from $38,990 for Japanese to $49,990 upwards for UK models

Go everywhere, further, with everything you need in the New Nissan LEAF. Feel more confident, more connected and experience a more exciting drive in an electric car that does simple things amazingly.


Nissan Intelligent Mobility creates a new relationship between you and your car. Imagine a car that can slow down, speed up and brake automatically, that can park on its own and can help protect you from potential risks approaching from around the vehicle. With a full suite of intelligent technologies*, the New Nissan LEAF makes your normal drive sensational, and whole lot more relaxing too.

The 100% electric drivetrain means the New Nissan LEAF gives instant torque for smooth acceleration. The fun continues with the innovative e-Pedal*, which lets you accelerate and brake with only one pedal, and when you turn the wheel, a battery pack that sits low in the chassis lets you hug the road. And now with up to 300 kms  the thrills take your further than ever.


NEW VW e-Golf 2018 35.8kWh

Price Range from $49,990 upwards

The iconic hatchback but with a modern yet innovative battery electric motor. Details include the blue e-Design accents and a blue-backed Volkswagen logo both front and rear. The black grille has a closed finish with e-Golf lettering. The realistic range is 200 km. For EV buyers that are unconcerned with making a statement and would rather cruise along incognito, and the e-Golf is the perfect vehicle for them

For the latest brochure on the e-golf click here

To see the Fully Charged review of the latest New e-Golf view here

BMW i3 94 Ah BEV 2016 onwards

Price Range $45,850 - $54,000

Driven by a fully emision-free electric motor this little beauty packs a powerful accleration. The i3 has state of the art construction techniques including super-light carbonfibre and aluminium. The 94aH or 2017 model has a realistic range of 200 kms which is pretty impressive given it has 33 kWh battery. Another great feature is its regenerarative braking.

For the latest brochure on the i3 click here

Nissan Leaf 24 kWh Gen 2 2013 - 2016

Price Range: $12,000 - $18,900

This Generation Leaf gives a real life range of between 100 - 150 kms depending on battery condition, road conditions and speed driven. Its a great round town car and ok for short trips and  out of town trips for the intrepid. We can 'source and supply' this car for you so let us know what you are looking for. 

Nissan Leaf 24 kWh Gen 1 2011 - 2012

Price Range: $8,000 - $12,000

We don't carry Gen1's in stock unless we get a car traded in to sell on behalf, We can source and supply for you.

Please ask us if you want to trade in your EV. This Generation Leaf gives a real life range of between 85 - 100 kms depending on battery condition usually now at 8-11 bars, road conditions and speed driven. Its a great round town car and ok for short trips and a few latte's.

Nissan Leaf  30kWh 2015 - 2017

Price Range $20,000 (Japanese) - $30,850 (UK Tekna)

The 30 kWh Leaf has been a game changer with a realistic range of 160-200 kms. The top of the range Tekna has leather seats, Bose surrond sound stereo, 360 degree reversing camera, cruise control and the fabulous B mode which increases regenertive braking.

Great Financing Options

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At PlugN Drive NZ we offer competitive financing plans and great rates on all of our new and pre-owned vehicles. Our advisors will guide you through the entire process, from the application to the final signature. We accept payments via internet banking & bank cheque and offer flexible financing options. So whether you want to buy or lease a vehicle, we’ve got the right plan that fits your needs.

Email us on: info@plugndrivenz.com or Call us on: Fiona MOB: 0274376995 or Muz on 0224310143

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