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We have some great 200 km plus range cars below in stock now for you to try out. Come for a test drive, sit down and talk with us about your needs and everything you need to know about buying an EV.

Take one for a test drive today or try one out for a few days via our EV experience. We have more stock arriving soon so if you don't see what you want we can source one for you asap either in NZ or buy you exactly what you want overseas for a very reasonable 'source and supply' fee. This way you benefit from our knowledge and experience in EV's to assist you to get the car you want at the right price.

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Car's Range

One thing that's different when considering the right EV for your needs compared to buying an internal combustion engine or ICE car is range consideration. It's important to consider what you predominantly use the car for when considering the car you choose and the amount of range. The range of the cars battery  affects the price of the car with higher range batteries generally being the newer cars and therefore more expensive options. However you may be surprised by the amount of range you actually need versus what you are used to thinking of in terms of range. The 'average' daily travel of most NZ's  is less than 40 kms a day. 90 % of all daily travel is under 100 km. If you rarely do out of town trips and / or an EV is likely to be your second family car then you may need much less range and therefore your options are greater in terms of price.

Use of range filter option below to sort cars that will suit your individual daily travel requirements. 

To find out more on what car would best suit your lifestyle and business needs click below to complete a brief questionnaire and we will send you an free personalised report on the EV's available, prices and sourcing options that will help you find the right EV for the right price.