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Are you finding making the decision about which EV is right for your needs difficult and time consuming?

If you are keen on an EV and don't have the time to spend trawling through all the trade listings trying to make sense of what matters when buying an EV or we don't have the EV you want in stock then our 'source and supply' service may be right for you.

We know all about EV's, we have driven everything on the market in NZ.  We know how far they go - real world range and how to read & understand battery health reports. We can advise you on which EV will best suit your needs and how much you will save buying an EV.


All cars are supplied with a NZ compliant 3 pin plug charging unit - EVSE. We can advise and supply any charging options that may meet your needs.

We want to co create a sustainable future and we want to do this by accelerating the transition to zero emissions electric vehicles.  We can't do this all on our own - every EV we supply is one less polluting trip waiting to happen. If you want to help us create a sustainable future and want to work with people in integrity then let us help you find the right EV for your needs. 

Source & Supply

We will source and supply you the  EV you want.



I'm in the process of sourcing our second EV through PlugN Drive NZ. The buying experience is why we are back again this time, buying a Jaguar I-pace that they found for us in the UK with huge savings made. 


I highly recommend  PlugN Drive NZ. I needed to source an Electric Van in the UK on a tight timeline and they changed what at first seemed as an impossible set of   logistics to a surprisingly easy  and  quick operation.  

They quickly found a suitable van, negotiated a reasonable price, purchased  and delivered it to the camper van conversion company all within  the tight timeframe required.


Fiona & Muz @ PlugN Drive NZ were fantastic! I purchased my UK Leaf through their Source & Supply Service and I couldn't be happier. They're a small business that walk the talk and provide excellent service.

How it works

Click on sign up above and complete the form telling us exactly what you want and what your needs are  in terms of: range, (daily driving and your favourite places to go), the spec's you love - heated seats, cruise control, stereo features. Tell us your favourite colours, If you know which model, year and spec you want let us know,  Tell us how much you want to spend, if you want to trade in your car and the time frame you have in mind. We will get back to you and let you know whats possible - advise you on models that will meet your needs / wants, price,   and availability.


If we can find a car for you in NZ we will provide a range of cars currently available. If there are no cars to your specifications in NZ we can import one for you. Sometimes this may save you money - prices fluctuate in Japan so they are not always cheaper. 


Importing takes about 6 weeks from successful bid and we can not confirm the final price until our bid is successful. Once we have sourced a car for you we will confirm this in writing - VehicleOffer&SaleAgreement - VOSA. 


You will pay the remaining 90% (NZ) or if imported the balance owing for the car a minimum of 2 days prior to the day of delivery. Once we have received payment in full from you we will arrange transport from the supplier,  prepare the car (groom) for you and either deliver to you or you can it pick up from us. If you are outside of Auckland the cost of delivery to you will be extra.


Once you confirm you wish to proceed we will invoice you for our source and supply fee. This fee includes: source & supplying a car to the specifications you have given us, checking the car out and completing battery health checks and reviewing SOH reports.  We will provide you with photos, Leaf spy reports (only avail for nissan leaf), a final price and a delivery date. We will initially look in NZ from our network of wholesalers and dealerships. Then we will look what's available to import. If we can't source you a car within one month to your specs and you want a refund of your deposit let us know.


Once you have signed the VOSA confirming you agree to purchase and paid the initial 10% deposit to secure the car we will complete the purchase, once the car is ready for delivery we will require full payment.


If the car is being imported the payments are as follows: Full payment of the purchase price of the car in Japan once bid is successful. GST & Freight payable the day before the car arrives in NZ


For Imported cars - the car will be NZ complied, registered, checked over and groomed for you prior to delivery this can take approx. 2-3 weeks from NZ arrival date depending on how busy the port and compliance services are.


On delivery / pick up we will go over the car, its features, how to charge - both at home and at public fast chargers, how to find the charging stations, range and all other aspects of electric car ownership.