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You Asked. We Answered.

What are the key benefits of an EV

Cheaper to run than petrol cars -  Most of our customers say they are saving 80% on their vehicle costs after switching from a petrol or diesel fuelled car over to an electric car. The cost savings are equivalent to paying 30 cents per litre of fuel (ECCA).

Less maintenance - EV's require less maintenance so are cheaper to run. There are no engine oil or filter changes, no gear box or exhaust system etc. So basically a lot less moving parts to maintain.

Zero Emissions -  EV's run on New Zealand's 80% plus renewable energy. This means reducing the need to import fossil fuels from overseas and reducing carbon emissions to the atmosphere, creating a more eco-friendly environment for us all to live in. 

Whats the story with battery life and replacement?

Battery Life

Each vehicle make and model come with different battery sizes. The battery packs are made up of individual battery modules, they are not single sealed units. As with similar battery packs in hybrid cars, it is very rare that problems arise and if something does go wrong it is most commonly in a single module. Single modules can be replaced or repaired and we have an EV specialist electrical engineer who can fix this. Battery packs are replaceable and this service is currently in development for new battery packs. Battery can be replaced already with used and reconditioned packs from wrecked cars. 


The batteries are very reliable and it is extremely rare that they have any issues. The failure rate is less than one in ten thousand which is much more reliable than a petrol car!

We have a device that tests the EV batteries and we test all vehicles we import before we sell them to be sure they are in tip-top condition. We are happy to provide the readings to the purchaser upon request.

Can I test a vehicle before buying it?

We offer a free 'try before your buy' or loan a leaf experience where you can loan one of our EV's for a few days to see how it fits with your lifestyle before your buy. Please complete the form on our home page if you wish to take us up on this offer.

What kinds of financing options do you offer?

We have a range of financing products that our Up2Drive team can offer through BMW finance. We have great rates to offer and can arrange leasing plans if that suits you better. Go to our financing page to get a quote.

Where can I charge my car

Charging at home

Most people plug in when they get home and charge over night so when they wake up in the morning their vehicle is fully charged and ready to go.

Public charging stations

There are an ever growing number of fast charging and destination charging options around NZ making it easier for EV owners to recharge while out and about. 

To find your nearest charging station click here or download the apps below by clicking on the icons.

How far can an EV travel on one charge?

The range is specific to each individual vehicle and model as is their battery size. The range will be higher for driving around town and on mostly flat roads. Hills use more power, therefore slightly less range and increased speed like motorways or highways when travelling will use more electricity meaning slightly less range. The same goes with air conditioning, if you are blasting the air con on heat that will use a little more electricity and every so slightly reduce your range. 

The driving mode can also influence the range, by switching to ECO mode and/or B mode you get more range as it uses less power and has more regenerative braking.

Once you get used to your vehicle it won't take long to figure out how to drive the most efficiently and get the best range possible. Remembering to top up regularly (we call it sipping) and plan your trips quickly becomes second nature. For most people who aren't driving long distances daily they can just plug in at night and have their battery charge while they sleep, ready to go first thing in the morning.

I don't live in Auckland can my car be delivered to me?

Out of town buyers

If you don't live in Auckland that's no problem - we can deliver nationwide as many of our customers live in different places across the country.


This can be arranged a number of ways, feel free to call one of the team today or flick us an email to discuss options and prices. We are here to help. 

Will I be able to get my car serviced or repaired ?

All dealerships will be able to service the cars at their EV sites and businesses specialising in electric battery repairs are coming on board. VTNZ does an EV check for piece of mind.