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Loving the english pubs and stunning charging locations

Anyone who has been following us on our personal Facebook pages would think that rather than doing a EV road trip Muz and I are on a pub crawl !

We have fallen in love with the 'quintessential English pub'. Our absolute favourite is The Craven Arms in West Yorkshire. Driving through the Yorkshire Dales is an absolute delight. Once inside the pub you feel like you've walked straight into a scene from Emmerdale farm. The locals are clustered around the bar which if your dared to try to step into you would be surely breaking some unspoken rule. Lying on the floor sprawled out in front of one of two fires was a lovely spaniel looking very much at home and not much interested in us - which was a tad disappointing as we are missing our muts. The food is good quality, well presented standard lunchtime fare. We managed to squeeze into the locals den unnoticed after we had eaten and found an empty spot to hide. It's very hard not to 'eves drop' into the local banter as the accents are delightfully broad and highly entertaining. 'Taitters' was the topic of the day, someone brave had made comment about the heavy spraying of pesticides and there was a general discussion about whether the spray would get into 'Taita' itself with one women confident it wouldn't because the spray was on the leaves not on the 'Tatia' itself. It was very hard not to inject my radical 'die hard' greenie views into the discussion. If i had I’m sure I would have got one of those 'your not from around these parts' looks. The fact that I was encroaching on their space with a camera around my neck - was enough. I daren't take a photo of the inside which I was dying to because the interior is full of lots of old trout fishing and hunting gear nestled into the low old beams and white washed stone walls - little huddles. Everything looks completely untouched by time.

An aside - I've noticed the English & even the Scottish mustn’t be used to people/foreigners/ strangers idily chatting to them. I got some very strained looks when I commented to two gentleman sitting on a leather couch in the Laura Ashley shop in Edinburgh that they were in the ‘perfect place to park husbands’. Short of the pub of course.

​​Since we last wrote we have driven up to the tip of Scotland and beyond to the Orkney islands and to some of the most northern EV chargers. Scotland is great for providing charging infrastructure in public places and for free. There are 5 fast chargers on the Orkneys - who are self sufficient for energy and a testing ground for renewable energy - wind, solar and tidal. This charger is on the northern most tip of the Scottish mainland - Gills Bay where the ferry to St Margaret of Hope leaves from.

Next we drove through the Western Highlands past the stunning 'Loch Ness 'to Fort William. We stayed at a lovely Airbnb 'Tigh Sgoile' on the side of Loch Linnhe with solar panels then went on a very high emissions but delightful train trip - the Jacobite train to Mallaig and then on a ferry 'over sea to Skye'.

Skye has 3 fast chargers. We stayed at Stein Inn in Waternish and found a type 2 charger on the side of the pub - perfect.

Next stop was Glencoe where there is a fast charger on the ski fields with stunning views.

Yesterday we did our longest driving day yet over 400km spread over 9 hours. Glencoe in West Highlands to Kirkby Thore nestled in Eden Valley, Cumbria between the Lake District and the Pennines. We had 4 fast charging stops and a battery temperature rising to the red zone briefly on our last charge. Back into England and the delightful Kings Arms in Temple Sowerby after along days driving was the perfect end to the day. For the foodies - my smoked chicken and pear salad with stilton was delicious.