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Electric vehicle running costs 

Try out this nifty Ecotricity calculator to see exactly what the cost will be for you to run an EV and what savings you would make compared to your current car. 

Vehicle total cost of ownership tool

Choosing the right vehicle comes down to more than just purchase price. Looking at the total cost of ownership could make a big difference to the affordability and your carbon footprint.

Try this ECCA tool to compare the cost of buying, running and on-selling new vehicles, whether they are electric, hybrid, petrol or diesel, and help you decide which one is right for you. 

 Why because we are passionate about driving social change towards a sustainable future for us all.  As part of our commitment to support the environmental revolution, we are working hard to accelerate the transition and uptake of electric cars. Come along and join us for the ride. 


If you want good value for money or have a particular colour or spec in mind we can find you the right electric car via our 'source and supply' service.  


We handpick the best electric cars on the market for you. As the first 100% electric car specialist dealers we know EV’s. We drive all the models we sell, we know what's realistic in terms of range and we know what to look for when sourcing and supplying electric cars.  Currently we have no stock for sale but can purchase for you any EV you want from inside NZ or from other countries.

Coming soon Nissan e-nv200 camper 


Guide - EV Road

Everything you need to know about taking an EV on the best road trips in NZ

What EV will best suit your needs?

Find out what electric car will suit your lifestyle and needs.  

Complete a brief questionnaire and we will send

you a free personalised report on the EV's available, prices and sourcing options that will help you find the right EV for the right price. 

Loving the Nissan Leaf Muz and Fiona  sourced for us. Thanks heaps

Brent - DirectorFirst Light Travel




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Our Values

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Walking our talk is very important to us 



We care about how what we do impacts on others. 

We are 100% committed to our relationships with our customers now and into the future



We are out of the box thinkers and are focussed on finding the right solutions for your needs.

Sharing knowledge

We are all about improving uptake so  share what we know to support others to feel confident to make the move.