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If you are wanting to hire one of our Tesla's and are flexible on dates then try one of our relocation offers below for significantly reduced rates. 

Current relocation offers

  1. Pîkake  - Model Y - Pick up Auckland anytime from April 1st drop off Christchurch by 14th April 

  2. PĪkake - Model Y - Pick up Auckland anytime from April 26th drop off Christchurch by 26th May

  3. Pīkake - Model Y - Pick up Queenstown anytime from 7th June return to Queenstown by 23rd June 

  4. Pīkake - Model Y Pick up Queenstown from 3rd July return to Auckland 

How it works:

Often our customers wish to pick up in one city and drop off in another city. As we don't have depots in all cities and only two cars which are both based in Auckland this adds a relocation cost to the hire. If we can find someone to bring the car back to base for us we can discount  the transfer fee for the person hiring the vehicle and provide the relocation hirer a significantly discounted rate for their hire. So it's a win win for all of us. 



Terms and conditions - relocation hires only

  • We will book and pay for the cost of the interisland ferry crossing if the car is required to be returned to Auckland within 5 days of the relocation commencing. 

  • The daily rate will be discounted by 50% for the first five days of the hire.

  • The daily rate for hires over 5 days will be discounted by 25%  from day 5 onwards. 

  • Max 10 days hire 

  • Length of hire may be limited by future bookings. Once relocation hire booked the period of the hire booked is confirmed. 

Get a Relocation Price Quote

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