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South Island NZ road trip


PlugN Drive NZ was one of the first fully electric car rental companies in New Zealand. Our top of the range electric vehicles are perfect for taking an affordable, carbon neutral road trip around the North and South Islands. Whether you're looking for a perfect touring car or just a short getaway, our electric vehicles provide a unique and convenient travel option. With all the perks of a regular rental car, but none of the emissions, PlugN Drive NZ is the perfect solution for your next adventure.

Tesla Model Y


The Model Y is a stylish and roomy electric SUV with strong appeal.The Model Y's cabin is spacious, with lots of headroom and legroom for all occupants. Getting in and out is easy thanks to the wide-opening doors, tall roof and low step-over height . The steering feels light and is quick to respond to inputs, giving you a sense of control and connection through a corner. There's minimal body roll too, especially for an SUV. In-town drivability is excellent. Seasoned EV drivers will appreciate the adjustable regenerative braking that allows you to drive nearly exclusively using just the right pedal.The Model Y's cargo space is massive.

Blue Tesla Model y

Tesla Model 3


While all that might sound a little futuristic, the driving experience is actually fairly conventional. In the default “Chill” mode, it accelerates moderately and there’s only a faint whiff of retardation when you step off the throttle, meaning you have to use the brakes as normal.

You can alter those elements through the centre display; un-corking quicker acceleration and a sharper throttle in “Sport” mode and adjusting the level of regenerative braking to the point where you can drive – mostly – with just one pedal.

The steering is precise, and it handles exceptionally well with great stability.  The driving position has plenty of adjustment, the front seats are comfortable, there’s excellent vision and a great sense of spaciousness thanks to the expansive glass house and its full length panoramic roof. There’s heaps of storage space in the centre console and generous space for rear-seat passengers too with its flat floor. 

Tesla M3 for hire

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