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Get To Know Us

What we are all about is creating a sustainable future for everyone by accelerating the transition towards zero emissions electric vehicle transport.


PlugN Drive NZ is a family owned and operated sustainable business.

We care deeply about the impact we have on the environment. We are doing everything we can to turn things around and cut our dependance on fossil fuels as quickly as possible.

 We 'walk our talk' by running on sunshine - all our cars are charged by the sun via our 5.7 kW Solar system. 

We live in a eco earth home we built ourselves in beautiful Ararimu - surrounded by trees we planted & birdlife. 


Our Team

We are here to help guide you through every step along your exciting journey towards choosing the right EV for you, your family / whanau and your situation. Come and meet the team, sit down, have a coffee and enjoy the view while we share all we know about EV's.

Murray Porter

Director Sales / Tech

Muz along with his partner Fiona founded PlugN Drive NZ in 2015. Muz is our ‘EV expert’ - for any of the technical questions he’s your guy! As a member of the sustainable business network he is passionate about sustainable business practices & lifestyle. Muz has an passion for renewable energy and as an engineer has worked doing solar installations. His favourite pastime is tending to his vege garden or planting trees to support regeneration of native bush - lungs of the planet. When you come to our place you will see all the work we have already done in turning a paddock into a haven for birds and of course our lovely dogs. 

Fiona Landon

Director - Sales / Admin

Fiona is an innovator, & creator, She has a 'down to earth' communication style  - no BS She's a great networker and facilitator and is very solutions focussed. She loves being part of the EV community and all the friends she has made along the way. Fiona lives and breathes social responsibility, accountability and is a world leader in the practise of the use of restorative justice with sexual abuse through Project Restore NZ. When she’s not zipping around town at high speed in her favourite EV she enjoys reading, travel and a nice glass of chardonnay. Muz and Fiona live in an earth home in the beautiful Ararimu with a crew of labradoodels and retradoodles to hang out with. When you come and see us you are coming to 'our place' 

Josh Landon

Media Consultant

Josh is the person who creates all our amazing promotional video's and 'how to' guides.Josh has recently come home from France. He's busy setting up his own business and helping us with ours

The Crew

Support team

We share our home with 6 beautiful dogs - Charlie, Tash, Lucy Lou, Tiggy Tui and Bella. Let us know if you love dogs too because we usually keep them tucked away when we have visitors.

tree Planting

For every car we sell we plant 7 trees to help offset the emissions from the cars manufacturing processes.

We hope this assists us all to turn the tide from catastrophic climate change.

Come and join us on our next planting day - May - June 2019

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Email us on: info@plugndrivenz.com or Call us on: Fiona MOB: 0274376995 or Muz on 0224310143

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Walking our talk is very important to us 



We care about how what we do impacts on others. 

We are 100% committed to our relationships with our customers now and into the future



We are out of the box thinkers and are focussed on finding the right solutions for your needs.

Sharing knowledge

We are all about improving uptake so  share what we know to support others to feel confident to make the move.